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    christine tran
    May 31, 2022

    Ryan Goldfarb, thank you so much for the impeccable service, great food, drinks, and the complimentary cotton candies. It was a great wonderful surprise. Your attention to little details of the party such as: personalized food and drinks menu is greatly appreciated. The staff is super attentive and accommodating. Hats off to you and your team at Alexander’s Steakhouse. You have made our event more meaningful and enjoyable. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the event immensely. Again, thank you so much. It could not have been more perfect. I highly recommend this restaurant.

    sheldon klinger
    June 30, 2022

    I must say that I was disappointed. I expected much more in regards to food quality and service! The place was not very busy, and I expected the bartender to clear the plates quicker as well as provide my bill. The food was eh, average. The rice was good, but had way too much onion, which I think was a filler to save money. The steak was average at best. I woild not recommend eating here, paying a premium price for average service and food!

    Jose Valencia
    April 18, 2022

    Although I've heard great things about this place, we ended up having a mixed experience here. I also graded this 4 stars although it's closer to 3.5 because of the prices. We started off with a bread Service and a selection of butter. Wow was it good. Each bread and better has a unique flavor and texture, it was great to try them all in different combinations. Also a tip, you CAN ask for more if you like. Next was the Wedge Salad. It had a really great herby and fresh flavor to it that I've never had before. At first I didn't like it but I found myself loving it more and more as I fished the plate. Mains are next we had two different steaks, a New York strip and Australian Rib Eye, plus a lobster tail. The New York Strip was really good. Cooked very nicely and had good flavor. The Australian Ribeye, which is a 28oz F1 Wagyu steak, was a bit over and came to me lower then room temp. Now, have to say the flavor and texture of the steak was AMAZING. You could really tell the quality of the meat through the taste and texture. It was actually fun to go back and forth between the New York and Wagyu because both were really good, but the level of taste and quality from the Wagyu was very noticeable. It really was a shame that it came out the way it did and I'll chalk it up to just staying out to long in the kitchen. Finally the Lobster Tail was ok too. Nothing to point out here, just a standard Lobster Tail. For sides, first we had Mashed Potatoes. They were SO smooth and creamy with a nice flavor. Second we had the Mac-N-Cheese, which we did not like at all. Idk if it's supposed to taste like this, but it was as if someone dumped 3 packs of Velvita cheese mix into it. It was too thick, and too cheddary... To the point that I could not eat it. It really just tasted like I was biting into a melted block of cheese. And normally that's not a bad thing... But the cheese itself really didn't have a nice or interesting flavor other than just CHEDDAR. Finally for dessert, we had the Apple of my eye Creme Brulee. It tasted like a thick creme brulee with some apples on top. It was fine. The miso ice cream it came with though was awesome. Overall, I had ups and downs here. I'd be willing to come back to give it another chance since I've always heard people having great experience. Maybe it was just an off night, but at this price point, it's hard to expect anything other than perfection.

    Rosanna Lau
    March 02, 2022

    Made reservations for 6:15pm and was seated promptly. We decided on 2 hamachi shots, smoked organic duck, the blackened ribeye, 3 oz order of the A5 miyazaki wagyu and bone marrow (my own personalized tasting menu LOL). They offered to bring items one after another which was great so items don't get cold. They first bought us complimentary sparkling wine. I don't drink so they gave me a grape cider. That was nice of them. The hamachi shots came out next. There were refreshing and tasty. They told us to mix it up and then eat it in one bite. It took my 2 bites. I like the flavor and they had these crispy things in it to added to the mouth texture. Then came the bread service, they brought out artisanal bread made in house with their own specialty butter. The bread was normal, nothing special. The main attraction was definitely the butter. They offered 3 types: a wagyu flavor butter, a smokey flavor one and a european butter. My favorite was the wagyu, it was sweet and in second place as the european with a more savory flavor. We devoured the bread and they offered to bring us another. Next came the smoked organic duck. Oh such a great choice. It was very tender and it was served with 2 types of sauces. One was citrusy another was similiar to BBQ sauce. Separately I preferred the citrusy sauce but then I mixed them together it tasted good too. Came with a small side of yau choy which I thought was too salty. Then they decided to bring the A5 Wagyu, the blackend rib eye and the bone marrow all in one go. Nooooo! We went for the A5 Wagyu first since it's the most expensive and the highlight of the night. Unfortunately everything else got sorta cold. The Wagyu was melt in your mouth goodness cooked to medium rare!! They gave us a salt tray that had 6 different salts, so we slowly enjoyed every cut with eat different type of salt. Sooo good and certainly an experience worth trying. Next we attacked the blackened rib eye and the bone marrow. The blackened rib eye was interesting. It was covered in pepper but it didn't taste spicy though. It was also topped with green onions that were soaks in some citrus liquid. I thought it was yuzu but my boyfriend thinks it's pomelo. It tasted good, cooked to perfection (medium rare) but our throats weren't having it. We were recommended to place a spoon of bone marrow with each bite of steak which tasted good. I wonder if it was that combination to caused the irritation. Anyhow, not the restaurant's fault. We enjoyed the bone marrow. By this time, we were all stuffed and had no room for dessert.They were generous to serve us their signature cherry flavors cotton candy and even gave us complimentary hazelnut bonbons and honeybutter tart with blueberry. Service was very good. We were served by two different people forgot their names but they were very attentive and knew the menu items and etc. Our water cuts were filled non stop. Service did go slower near the end since they got a lot of new guests arrive but understandable. Parking we parked on the street (free on Sundays). Otherwise they did offer to validate for the parking structure. Overall it was a great dinner. I will most likely be back to try their other items!

    Zan Lee
    December 19, 2021

    Definitely the best steak and steakhouse in Pasadena. Parking is extremely easy as they offer validated parking in the underground structure right next to the restaurant (parking for the Westin hotel as well). Inside is designed just like a traditional, dimly lit, East Coast style steakhouse and they have the food quality and service to back it up as well. Fabian was a great server and so was the rest of the team that I encountered. I started off the meal with the Hamachi Shots which I was recommended to by many people. It’s also on the chef’s tasting menu so that shows that the kitchen backs it as well. It was so delicious I had to order 3. A great start to the meal and the perfect way to get your pallet ready for the entree. For that I chose the 8oz Filet Mignon with a side of bone marrow to mix both bites. DELICIOUS! A must do. The steak was cooked well and had a nice sear to it. For the side I chose the broccoli di ceccio which was a really nice side to the steak, the pecorino made it almost sweet. Finally for the dessert I chose the banana bourbon panna cotta and it too was wonderful. The flavor combo was a perfect end to the meal. Overall a delicious meal and one of my top 5 favorite steakhouses in LA. I would recommend to anyone on any occasion it will be a nice meal no matter what day or time you book reservations.

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